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Review: Practically perfect PowerPot V turns fire into electricity to charge your gear

Power Pot wood fire

I grew up before such things even needed to be considered, but for most of the years I’ve been a Scout leader, I’ve held the opinion that tech and the Great Outdoors don’t mix. “No Electronics On Campouts” was my mantra, and for good reasons. Back then, tech meant a cellphone and maybe an iPod or Gameboy, none of which were conducive to a good camping trip. They got in the way of enjoying the outdoors, they exacerbated homesickness for the younger boys and kept older Scouts up all night texting with their girlfriends. In short, they just didn’t make for happy campers. says ‘Tech vs. Wild’ was a ‘rollicking, hilarious session’


If you couldn’t be in San Francisco last week for TrailCamper chief Chuck La Tournous’ “Tech vs. Wild” session, fear not:’s Joe Kakura was on hand, and posted a great write-up of the session.

Calling it a demonstration of “many ingenious tools and apps shown off in a rollicking, hilarious Macworld/iWorld session,” Kakura said “prolific Mac blogger Chuck La Tournous gave a fascinating demo ‘marrying (his) two loves — camping, and the geekiness that is Apple.'”

San Jose Mercury News: ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get techier’

TrailCamper's Chuck La Tournous demonstrates the hi-Fun Bluetooth gloves for the San Jose Mercury News (Photo Credit: Karl Mondon)

The San Jose Mercury News went on a tour of the “urban wild” of San Francisco with TrailCamper chief Chuck La Tournous. Reporter Pat May came to cover Chuck’s “Tech vs. Wild” seminar at Macworld/iWorld conference and wondered how the gear and techniques would apply to the mean streets of Skid Row.

May’s feature on Chuck is available on the Mercury News website.

Camp stove cooks meals, charges gadgets


Sure, any good camp stove can heat up a pot of stew and maybe even let you warm your hands, but charge your iPhone? That’s the gimmick in a new line of stoves from Biolite, which makes a camp stove that converts heat into “usable electricity,” providing five watts of power to “charge your phone, lights and other gadgets,” according to the company’s website. The electricity generated by the stove also powers a fan to increase burning efficiency and temperatures.

About the size of two Nalgene bottles, one piggybacked on the other, the Biolite Camp Stove burns twigs, sticks, pinecones, pellets and other biomass and weighs in at 2lbs. 1oz and packs down to 8.25 x 5″.

The CampStove will ship “in time for the 2012 camping season,” according to the company and can be pre-ordered now for $129.

More information is available on the company’s website.