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Scouting magazine lists ‘eight winter gear items to help keep you warm’


We’ve often said that winter is the best season for camping — except for all the other ones. Most of the time, we’re kidding; but head out into that cold night with the wrong gear and you’re in for a rough time. Bring the right stuff along, however, and you can be not only comfortable but downright cozy. And of course, you get to enjoy all things only winter camping can bring: the clearest night skies of the year, the still quiet of a snow-covered wood and perhaps best of all — no bugs.

The folks at Scouting magazine love winter camping too. That’s why they teamed up with Gear Junkie to come up with a list of eight items that will keep you warm and snug on your next winter trek. They range from a down-filled jacket to a sleeping bag rated to 20 degrees below zero to an insulated water bottle. says ‘Tech vs. Wild’ was a ‘rollicking, hilarious session’


If you couldn’t be in San Francisco last week for TrailCamper chief Chuck La Tournous’ “Tech vs. Wild” session, fear not:’s Joe Kakura was on hand, and posted a great write-up of the session.

Calling it a demonstration of “many ingenious tools and apps shown off in a rollicking, hilarious Macworld/iWorld session,” Kakura said “prolific Mac blogger Chuck La Tournous gave a fascinating demo ‘marrying (his) two loves — camping, and the geekiness that is Apple.'”

Talk to the hand: Bluetooth-enabled gloves keep your hands cozy during wintry conversations


Quick, pretend you’re making a phone call (without actually having a phone in your hands.)


Chances are you’re holding your hand up to your head in a fist, with your thumb and pinky extended. Now what if you could actually make a call that way — with your phone safe and secure in your pocket or purse? An Italian company called hi-Fun makes that bit of goofiness a reality, with a Bluetooth-enabled set of gloves called hi-Call. The gloves pair with your smartphone and provide the ability to place and answer calls with a small button and to carry on conversations, thanks to a small speaker embedded in the glove’s thumb, and a microphone in its pinky.

San Jose Mercury News: ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get techier’

TrailCamper's Chuck La Tournous demonstrates the hi-Fun Bluetooth gloves for the San Jose Mercury News (Photo Credit: Karl Mondon)

The San Jose Mercury News went on a tour of the “urban wild” of San Francisco with TrailCamper chief Chuck La Tournous. Reporter Pat May came to cover Chuck’s “Tech vs. Wild” seminar at Macworld/iWorld conference and wondered how the gear and techniques would apply to the mean streets of Skid Row.

May’s feature on Chuck is available on the Mercury News website.

Where to see Chuck La Tournous at Macworld/iWorld 2013

TrailCamper Publisher Chuck La Tournous will be making a few appearances at this year’s Macworld/iWorld Conference in San Francisco next week, and he has a plea: “I always love meeting readers/listeners, so if you spot me, please take a minute to say hi.”

Here’s where Chuck will be:

  • Thursday, Jan. 31st, 1-1:45: TT803: Tech vs. Wild: Surviving Your Next Campout (and Other Natural Disasters) with High Tech Gear
  • Friday, February 1st, 3-3:45: TT843: iTravel Well: Troubleshooting Your Tech Travel
  • Friday, February 1st, 9PM-?: Cirque du Mac featuring the Macworld All-Star Band (If you see me on the show floor, ask — I may have a ticket or two.)