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Is it time to take trekking poles seriously?

(Image courtesy of Black Diamond.)

Maybe it’s a function of age, but every time I contemplate a long hike along rough terrain or a lot of elevation, I reexamine my longstanding prejudice against trekking poles. I haven’t been alone in my suspicion that trekking poles are at worst a gimmick and at best an unnecessary weight to bear. But enough people I respect swear by them that I decided it was time to throw my preconceived notions away and take a fresh look. Even the Appalachian Trail Conservancy estimates that 90-95% of AT thru-hikers — notorious for eliminating all unnecessary weight — carry trekking poles.

TaskOne case turns your iPhone into a virtual Swiss Army knife


We’ve noted before that with the number of useful camping and outdoor-centric apps these days, your iPhone is becoming a digital Swiss Army knife. Now it’s becoming a physical one too, thanks to an innovative new case from a company called The Task Lab.

The case is no thicker than many other fashionable iPhone cases, but ingeniously housed inside is a plethora of tools for the seriously geeky outdoorsman. In fact, the TaskOne sports no fewer than 21 tools in a case that weighs just 96 grams (for the iPhone 5 version; the 4/4S is an even slimmer 89 grams.)

How to purify water

Our friends at Howcast produced a great video on something every camper should consider: how to purify water. After all, water is one of the most important–and heavy–item you can carry. Knowing how to purify what’s there, rather than carry in your own, can be a load off both your mind and your back.