First Look: Hitcase lets you use your iPhone as a ‘ruggedized’ action camera; adds new mount


iPhone owners with GoPro envy may find solace in a new case from Hitcase. The company’s eponymous case quickly seals your iPhone in a rugged, waterproof, shockproof enclosure complete with brackets that connects it to mounts matched to a variety of activities. The HitcasePro adds a removable lens that works as both a wide-angle and macro lens.

With the included and available companion mounts, the Hitcase can be worn on a helmet, chest, bicycle handlebars or — with its “StickR” mount, almost any hard surface like a car hood or dashboard.

The case’s makers boast that the Hitcase is waterproof up to 30 feet, which they say is the “deepest of any touchscreen-capable iPhone case on the market.” They say a thin, waterproof seal over the speakers and mic that allows them to be used while being protected.

For water craft enthusiasts, Hitcase has just introduced the “SuckR” — a “marine grade” mount that the company says attaches to any “smooth, flat, non-porous surface including windshields, windows and two-way mirrors.”

With two ball joints and a single tightening clamp in the socket arm, the mount’s axles can be loosened simultaneously to seize any viewing angle in seconds. The SuckR mount pairs perfectly with Hitcase and Hitcase Pro, waterproof, shockproof cases that transform the iPhone into a mountable, ruggedized POV camera.

The Hitcase retails for $90; the Pro runs $40 more. More information is available at the company’s website.


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