Scouting magazine lists ‘eight winter gear items to help keep you warm’


We’ve often said that winter is the best season for camping — except for all the other ones. Most of the time, we’re kidding; but head out into that cold night with the wrong gear and you’re in for a rough time. Bring the right stuff along, however, and you can be not only comfortable but downright cozy. And of course, you get to enjoy all things only winter camping can bring: the clearest night skies of the year, the still quiet of a snow-covered wood and perhaps best of all — no bugs.

The folks at Scouting magazine love winter camping too. That’s why they teamed up with Gear Junkie to come up with a list of eight items that will keep you warm and snug on your next winter trek. They range from a down-filled jacket to a sleeping bag rated to 20 degrees below zero to an insulated water bottle.

The whole list is worth a read and even if you don’t go out and buy all the gear on it, it’ll inspire you to be more prepared for your next sojourn into the subfreezing wilderness.

One item we’d add, even if it might not be something a Scout would use is the Coleman Catalytic Tent Heater (affiliate link) — a flameless propane-powered heater that can be used safely inside a tent (although we wouldn’t recommend leaving it on while sleeping.)

The list and accompanying article is available on the Scouting magazine website.


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