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Hike Report: Point Mountain (Port Murray, NJ)

Our Boy Scout guides explain their plan for the hike. Believe it or not, this photo was taken at 10:17 a.m.

Not even a drenching rain could dampen the spirits of our small group of hikers–four Boy Scouts and two dads–as we hiked several trails at Point Mountain Reservation in Port Murray, NJ.

We started at the Point Mountain Road trailhead. Our Scout patrol guides were in charge and chose to head out on the Ridge Trail (marked in orange). The trail leads almost directly to the top of the mountain and has some challenging sections: steep ascents on a very rocky trail. The teeming rain made the moss-covered rocks very slippery, but our slow and steady strategy worked well and we soon reached the overlook.

The view was spectacular, even through the misty clouds that drifted by both above and below us. While the wet weather prevented us from climbing out onto the large outcropping of rocks, we had a great view from our more conservative vantage point.