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Yahoo Sports lists five ‘must have’ items for winter camping

Winter Camping by Ron Cole (used under Creative Commons)

It wasn’t much of a winter for most of the U.S. (yet, anyway), but Kileen Gonzalez at Yahoo Sports penned her list of “must-have” items for winter camping.

At the top of Gonzalez’ list is a four-season tent. “You will want to look for a winter tent that has wide diameter poles, multiple areas to fasten guylines, ample ventilation, and plenty of room to store your bulkier winter gear,” she writes, adding that a ground tarp and wisk broom (to brush the snow off your clothes before entering the tent) are two good accessories. (We’d consider a ground tarp a must-have in any season.)

Gonzalez also lists insulated sleeping bags and pads and a portable heater/cook oven. A winter backpack rounds out her top five.

The entire list — and her rationale behind her picks — are in the article on the Yahoo Sports website.