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First Look: Eton Mobius solar charging case for iPhone


We’re not big fans of solar charger iPhone cases (we much prefer a separate solar charger and external battery combination), but our friends at The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) took a first look at a charging case from Eton and they like what they see.

The Mobius sports a 1800 mAh battery — more than enough to give your iPhone a full charge — and can be recharged via USB. But its monocrystalline color cell can turn an hour of sunlight into up to 25 minutes of talk time or 20 minutes of 3G data use, according to it makers.

Interestingly, the company recommends taking the case off the phone while charging via the solar panel, which makes sense, but limits the unit’s effectiveness in protecting your phone.

The full review is available on the TUAW website; more information about the Mobius can be found on the Eton website.

Sneak Peak of ‘The Geek Outdoors’ session at Macworld


It’s a rare opportunity when my love of technology and my love of the great outdoors align, so I was thrilled when I was asked to deliver a seminar on “High Tech Camping” at next week’s Macworld | iWorld event in San Francisco.

If you’re coming to the event, I certainly hope you’ll consider attending my session. Camping geeks are as enthusiastic about their gadgets as technology geeks, and the two fields are converging in some pretty interesting ways, mostly thanks to the portability and versatility of the iPhone and iPad. Here’s a taste of what I mean.

Trailcamper at Macworld | iWorld

We’re excited to be a part of Macworld | iWorld, the biggest, most influential technology conference devoted to Macs, iPhones and iPads. What is a camping site doing at a technology conference, you ask? We’re going to talk about about what happens when high adventure and high technology collide — the iOS apps that can make your camping trip even better, and how to make sure they stay powered for the whole trip.